The Weekday Preschool of First Presbyterian Church


The Weekday Preschool of First Presbyterian Church of Allentown offers a nurturing environment and a superior developmental early childhood education program. The teachers and staff encourage the social, physical, emotional, and cognitive development of each child and promote Christian love and values, self-esteem, and respect for others. As a mission of First Presbyterian Church, the Weekday Preschool welcomes children of church members as well as community families of all races and religions.



The curriculum focuses on learning basic concepts and skills through hands-on experiences and activities. Each child is given the tools needed to help the growth of the whole child. The program helps the child grow in these ways:

  • Socially and emotionally by providing an environment that gives children the opportunity to make personal choices, exercise self-direction and self-control, practice good manners, interact with others in a positive way, communicate effectively, develop good listening skills, and gain independence and self-confidence
  • Intellectually by creating an environment where they learn at their own natural pace and are actively involved in age-appropriate activities. Children acquire thinking skills such as problem solving, asking questions, and thinking logically by sorting, observing, classifying, comparing, counting, and using materials and their imagination to understand the world around them
  • Physically through a variety of activities that develop small and large motor skills such as cutting, drawing, painting, printing, tracing, and using play dough to develop their small muscles—an important prerequisite to writing. Children throw, catch, climb and balance to increase large muscle skills
  • Spiritually by providing opportunities to learn about God’s love for each of us and by engaging in classroom activities that reinforce Christian values


Parents are asked to provide snack for their child’s class several times a year.


An evaluation is sent home to parents each year. Conferences are scheduled to discuss any questions or concerns.


All exterior doors to the church are locked during school hours except for the main church entrance.


Field trips are planned for the 4- and 5-year-old classes. Outings include Savidge Farms (pumpkin patch) and trips to the Pool Wildlife Sanctuary.


First Presbyterian Weekday Preschool follows Parkland School District. If Parkland cancels classes due to bad weather, First Presbyterian Weekday Preschool will also cancel. If Parkland schools have a delay, First Presbyterian will have class from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Parents can find Parkland and Preschool updates listed on WFMZ-TV.

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